The Switch from Boards to Racquets

Why is a question we’ve been asked more times than we can count! Why did you quit skateboarding? Why would you give up all your sponsors? Why would you quit when you had so much talent? And the all-time most asked question… why in the world would you give it all up for tennis? When we made the “switch” we knew it would be a shock to many, but we had no idea there’d be so much negativity surrounding the decision. Almost instantaneously, the criticism came pouring in. Below are a few examples of the reactions and comments our YouTube channel received.

First, the bad:

“They Probably got paid to quit. That’s the only way I think they would. These kids had so much talent, opportunity, and fun skateboarding. You don’t have to quit something you’ve worked so hard on just to try new things. Why would they completely throw it away after all their Internet fame (and who even likes tennis?)”

“They Fu?!!%” up their lives so bad”

Tennis over skateboarding? Are you an idiot? Yes, yes you are. Tennis is boring as Sh!?!.

“This !%? is creepy as ?!!?. Probably being brainwashed by their hyper-religious parents or some ?!?!.”

“Looks like mom and dad really like tennis… goodbye would-be Skate Gods.”

“Did they really just quit skating for tennis? Excuse me, I'm gonna go kill myself.”

Now a few supporters:

“These kids are really true to themselves. Doing stuff for fun and not caring as much for fortune and fame. Really inspiring. Do what you love people and stop caring about the money.”

“Ha-ha! I find it funny how you idiots are hating on people for losing an interest in skateboarding, it’s not a waste of a talent if they were not enjoying it”

“If you guys want to quit skateboarding that's your choice, no one else's, be proud of who you are and what u want to do, I respect your choice and follow your Puehse tennis channel, ride on guys :-)”

Ouch! Got to admit, we didn’t expect such a harsh reaction, but hate was nothing new… it’s part of the territory when you grow up in the public eye. You learn to take the good with the bad, and not buy into the hype that comes along with both.

When we made the decision to pursue tennis we were thirteen years old. We had the mindset that we could do anything we set our minds to if we were willing to work for it… Skateboarding taught us this. With each slam, we took to the unforgiving concrete, we had a choice… we could get up and try it again, or we could give up. We chose to get up and learn from the falls until we landed the trick.

The reality is… we decided to go after a new challenge, realizing that life is about change, new experiences and new goals. We didn’t get paid to quit, and no one forced us to. We were young kids, who spent the majority of our youth on skateboards. One day, we tried a new sport, and developed a passion for it, which is exactly the same way we started our skateboarding career. We didn’t put limits on ourselves about things we could or couldn’t do.